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Lakeshore In Oil
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Lakeshore In Oil

A foot path bridge along the north shore of Lake Crescent, near Port Angeles, WA. This photo has been digitally altered for artistic effect, in this case to give it the appearance of an oil painting.
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Keywords: Lake Crescent, Olympic Discovery Trail, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Port Angeles, Puget Sound, Swimming hole, Washington State, abstract, afternoon, aqua, art, beautiful, blue, blue sky, blue water, boards, botanical, boulders, branch, bridge, bright, bright colors, brown, bush, clouds, color, colorful, colors, crossing, dark blue, digital art, digital enhancement, digital manipulation, dock, flora, foliage, gray, green, green leaves, green stem, grey, hills, lake, landscape, leaves, light, light blue, light green, lovely, mountains, nature, northwest, oil painting, overpass, painting, plant, plants, pretty, promontory, reflection, reflections, relaxing, ripple, ripples, serene, shadow, shapes, shimmer, shine, shiny, shore, sky, sparkle, sparkling, stem, stepping stone, stone, sun, sunny, sunshine, swimming, swirls, texture, tranquil, trees, under, underneath, unique, views, walking, walkway, water, waterway, wet, white, wood, wood grain, wooden

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